Tushar Chauhan

Tushar Chauhan, Ph.D.

Picower Postdoctoral Fellow

Research Interests

The life we see around us is a result of millions of years of evolution. Biological sensory systems such as olfaction and vision are at the very heart of this evolution. They have learnt to interpret our highly dynamic environment quickly, efficiently, and in a manner that maximises our chances of survival. My work lies along two principal axes:
1. I am interested in the structural and functional properties of biological sensory systems which have made life possible.
2. I want to leverage these insights to develop bio-inspired systems which will be intelligent, adaptive, and robust.

My ongoing projects touch upon the following areas:
- Emergence of memory-like properties in the early visual cortex.
- Efficiency and (sub)optimality of computations in the visual cortex.
- Cortical representations of visual experiences such as depth and colour.
- Fusion of spiking architectures with traditional deep/shallow networks.
- Algorithm design for neuromorphic, event-based hardware/software pipelines.


Ph.D. in Vision Science – University of Liverpool – 2016

MSc in Computational Color and Spectral Imaging — University of Eastern Finland — 2012

B.Tech in Electrical Engineering – Indian Institute of Technology, Madras – 2008